Monday, November 3, 2014

Some October news...:)

Most of October was pretty uneventful... Vanyo had two days off school - October 20th and 21st. On October 20th he went to a school trip to Sofia and had lots of fun with his classmates...:) And on October 21st my son attended a sports event which he enjoyed a lot too...:) There was an unpleasant surprise for us when he came home from the sports event, though - his phone was missing..:( We checked everywhere it could have been, but we didn't find it, so we bought him a new one the following day... And you know how they say that every cloud has a silver lining?!:) Well, while buying Vanyo's phone, my husband got a very nice offer for a tablet so he bought it for me!:) I can now read my e-books on a bigger screen and I also have mobile internet all the time, lucky me!:) I'm so happy and satisfied with my new toy!:) 

October 31st was a very nice day for my children - it was a day off school for both of them, and as it happened on a Friday, Minnie came home from Sofia on Thursday after school...:) Needless to say, we were all very happy to spend an extra day with her that week!:) In the evening Minnie and Vanyo went to see a performance of 'Circus Balkanski' which is a world-famous Bulgarian circus...:) Both children had lots of fun at the performance!:) When they came home, my husband and Minnie carved a pumpkin and made a jack-o'-lantern...:) The children named it lovingly 'Tikvitchko' /which means something like 'Little Pumpkin'/.:) Halloween is not officially celebrated in Bulgaria but young people are very open towards foreign cultures and Halloween is such an attractive holiday that it becomes popular here too...:) 

The following day, November 1st, was Vanyo's first swimming lesson and he enjoyed it to the fullest!:) We'll try to take him to the swimming pool every Saturday...:) We have no sports ambitions for him, but we hope he will learn to swim well and will become stronger and healthier!:)

I saw nine more movie by the end of October: ‘Creation’ /it was interesting for me to learn more about Darwin's personal life, but that was the only thing I liked about this movie.../, ‘New York, I Love You’ /I usually love such movies, which are like a puzzle of different stories... This time, however, my feelings are mixed... I liked some stories, but not all of them.../, ‘Playing for Keeps’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was sweet, touching and funny!:) And Gerard Butler is in it, which is always a plus!:)/, ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ /sweet and funny:)/, ‘Young Catherine’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was beautiful, interesting and inspiring...:)/, ‘Deception’ /it was rather predictable to be a good thriller, but still it was a nice movie with great actors…:)/, ‘The Rise /Wasteland/’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was fresh, exciting and full of dark humour…:)/, ‘22 Jump Street’ /maybe not as good as 21 Jump Street but still fun to watch.../ and ‘Automata’ /I really wanted to like this movie because it was filmed in Bulgaria and because I love Antonio Banderas. Indeed, the idea of the movie was interesting and thought-provoking, but the story was going so slowly that it got boring at times...:(/. 

During the first November weekend I saw 'Hercules' - great entertainment for the whole family...:) I hope November will be a good month for watching movies just like October was...:) Fingers crossed!:)