Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Minnie's 18th Birthday...:)

I still can't believe that my daughter is 18 already - a grown-up person according to our laws!:) Minnie's birthday on 11 December happened on a week day /Thursday/ so she could celebrate only with her friends /who treated her with lots of thoughtful gifts:)/, her dad /who had bought her a mini chocolate cake and had taken her to her favourite tea place:)/ and Teddy /who is living in Sofia now - when my husband started working there he decided that taking care of our son by myself would be enough for me so he and Minnie should help with the pet:)/... 

Of course, we continued with the celebrations as soon as Minnie, hubby and Teddy came home for the weekend...:) We had a great time as always and the eclair cream cake was simply delicious...:) 

During the weekend Minnie bought her birthday present - a smartphone...:) She used the money she had received by her grandparents and us for her name day and birthday...:) She really likes her new phone!:)

That weekend was a good one for shopping - hubby got a new shirt, Vanyo - new jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt and me - new sports shoes...:)

I saw six movies since the last time I posted here -  'Paris Je T'aime' /I liked it much more than 'New York I Love You' because almost all stories touched me - some made me smile, some made me laugh, others made me cry...:) Only two or three confused me.../, ‘Trust’ /I liked the idea of the movie, the actors were great too, but the end disappointed me...:(/, ‘Luther’ /a very good movie about a very interesting person...:) It also made me feel proud that what Martin Luther has fought for in the 16th century, the Bulgarians have achieved in the 9th - translating the Bible into their own language and establishing an independent Bulgarian church...:)/, ‘Hanna’ /nothing special…/, ‘Ironclad’ /I love the Middle Ages, so I was really willing to like this movie, but I simply couldn't - there were too many cruel and disgusting scenes in it...:(/, ’Jane Eyre’ /great movie, I loved it so much that felt like re-reading the book!:)/

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A roller coaster...

Minnie’s name day was on November 11th. Unfortunately it happened on a weekday /Tuesday/ so she was in Sofia and the rest of us – in Plovdiv and we couldn’t celebrate together…:( Minnie celebrated her name day with her friends in Sofia, though, and got totally spoilt by them…:) Instead of presents, she got some money from her grandparents and from her dad and me as she is saving for a smartphone…:) And, needless to say, when she came home for the weekend, we had a special meal for her name day…:)
On November 20th I attended a bridal henna party…:) My good friend from High School Aysel got married on November 22nd, so she invited me and three other High School friends to her bridal henna party…:) It was the first time for me to attend such an event, so I was very excited and found it a very interesting tradition…:) My friend was very beautiful in her traditional Turkish costume and I hope she will have a very, very happy marriage!:)

I saw quite some movies by the end of November: ‘Blue Valentine’ /even though the actors were great, the movie didn't touch me at all...:(/, ‘The Tempest’ /total disappointment…:(/, ‘Never Let Me Go’ /a very sad and depressing movie which touched me so deeply that made me cry.../, ‘The Other Woman’ /nothing special…:(/, ‘The Mechanic’ /a very stupid movie…:(/, ‘Lucy’ /I was expecting too much from this movie, but got quite disappointed as some moments were really boring…:(/, ‘The Big Bang’ /to be honest, I saw this movie only because of Antonio Banderas, but it turned out to be quite a nice surprise…:)/, ‘The Next Three Days’ /great movie, I loved it:)/, ‘When in Rome’ /a bit silly, but still OK to watch if you're in the right mood...:)/, ‘Drive Angry’ /a very silly movie...:( Another failure of my favourite Nicolas Cage...:(/, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ /a bit slower that the previous Planet of the Apes movie but still very good...:)/, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ /not as thrilling and intense as I hoped, but still very interesting and Matthew McConaughey did a great job - he really made me like his character!:)/, ‘Swtich’ /it was thrilling and exciting most of the time, but at the end it turned out that the plot is pretty lame...:(/, 'You Got Served' /great dances but a silly story/ and 'The Fault in Our Stars' /a very beautiful and touching story... And full of unexpectedly good humour.../.

December brought a huge change to our family… My husband was invited to become part of a new formed team for special investigations, so since December 1st he started working in Sofia... The new position is very good for his career and I’m very proud of him, but I miss him a lot... I got a nice job offer for Sofia too, but Vanyo is in the middle of a very important school year so changing schools is out of the question for the moment... And I can't move to Sofia without my son... Besides, I really like living in Plovdiv, in my own home... This new situation makes me feel very confused and depressed... Of course, my husband is coming home for the weekend, so our separation shouldn't be that unbearable... Plus, it’s nice that he is in Sofia with Minnie so she’s not all alone there anymore… And I have enough time until the end of the school year to think it over and decide what to do... But it’s not an easy period of my life, as you can imagine…:(

I’ve seen 2 movies so far this month: ‘You Got Served: Beat the World’ /much more interesting than the first 'You Got Served' movie but still not as good as other dance movies I've seen.../ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ /great entertainment for the whole family…:)/.