Monday, January 5, 2015

Our Christmas holidays...:)

Our Christmas holidays were great...:) We had almost two full weeks off and we enjoyed them to the fullest! :)

Actually the parties started even before our holidays...:) First Vanyo attended a Christmas party, organized by his school on December 18th /Thursday/...:) They were at a dance club and he told me he had had lots of fun there...:) He also brought me a wonderful piece of news - it turns out that he is the only child in his class who has received honorary diplomas for all the three Christmas competitions in his school - Bulgarian, English and Maths...:) Needless to say, we're all very proud of him! :)

Then, on December 19th /Friday/ my husband and I attended a reunion of our University colleagues... Unfortunately there were less people than usual, but we had lots of fun anyway...:) The food was delicious, there were dances, karaoke, etc...:)

December 23rd /Tuesday/ was the last school/work day before Christmas but Vanyo had it off, so I decided to stay at home with him...:) And as you can imagine, I didn't regret my decision for a single moment...:) Minnie, hubby and Teddy came home on December 23rd after school/work and we were all more than ready for the holidays...:)

As usual, we celebrated Christmas Eve in Karlovo, with my in-laws...:) We had yummy traditional dinner and Minnie found the coin into her piece of the 'pitka' so she is supposed to have lots of luck this year...:) That would be perfect as she'll really need some good luck at her exams...:)

After we finished eating, the children found their gifts under the Christmas tree...:) This year they had chosen them all by themselves...:) Minnie got dog-shaped slippers from her dad and me, a sword from Vanyo /he had bought a similar sword&shield for himself with some of his savings but had decided to buy a sword for his sister too so that they can play together...:)/ and some money from my parents and in-laws /which she would most probably spend for books:)/. Vanyo got a game for his PSP /Star Wars/ from his dad and me, a Bilbo Baggins figure from his sister and some money from my parents and in-laws /he already bought another game for his PSP with some of the money so I guess that's what he would spend it for:)/.

We got home on December 26th and spent the rest our holidays mostly staying at home, eating good food, watching films and series, reading books or just relaxing as much as possible...:) We also visited my parents for lunch one day, hubby and I went out for a cup of coffee a few times, we did some shopping, etc...:) Perfect holidays! :)

We celebrated New Year's Eve at home as usual...:) We had yummy dinner and a traditional 'banitza' with fortunes...:) I got 'studies' and 'good luck', my husband - 'love' and 'success', Minnie - 'health' and 'money', Vanyo - 'happiness' and 'travels' nad Teddy - 'work'...:) 

Unfortunately our wonderful Chrismas holidays were over too soon and today we're all back to the routine... Needless to say, I'm already looking forward to the weekend...:)

During the Chistmas holidays I finally finished reading the last book of the Harry Potter series - 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' - the perfect ending of a great saga...:) I feel both sad that the series are over and happy that I've become part of this incredible magical world..:)

I saw quite many movies by the end of December...:) Here is the list: 'Paris Je T'aime' /I liked it much more than 'New York I Love You' because almost all stories touched me - some made me smile, some made me laugh, others made me cry...:) Only two or three confused me.../, 'Trust' /I liked the idea of the movie, the actors were great too, but the end disappointed me...:(/, 'Luther' /a very good movie about a very interesting person...:) It also made me feel proud that what Martin Luther has fought for in the 16th century, the Bulgarians have achieved in the 9th - translating the Bible into their own language and establishing an independent Bulgarian church...:)/, 'Hanna' /nothing special.../, 'Jane Eyre' /great movie, I loved it!:) Made me feel like re-reading the book!:)/, 'London Boulevard' /a very weird movie, too scattered, too dark and too depressing for me to like it.../, 'Ironclad: Battle for Blood' /there were less cruel and disgusting scenes in this sequel than in the first Ironclad movie, but still it was nothing special...:(/, 'Faces in the Crowd' /the idea of the movie was great, but it was a bit predictable to be a really exciting thriller.../, 'Coriolanus' /the movie is not easy to watch at all, but still very interesting and touching... Plus, the actors are great!:)/, 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' /a very sweet movie...:) Some moments made me laugh, others made me cry...:)/, 'A Royal Affair' /I just loved this movie - so beautiful, interesting and touching...:) Two thumbs up!:)/, 'Dracula Untold' /the best /and closest to the historical facts/ movie about Dracula I've seen... It ended as if there will be a sequel, so I'm looking forward to it!:)/, 'Gone Girl' /a very strange and weird movie... The end was rather disappointing, but generally it was a good and suspenseful thriller.../, 'Fury' /I was a bit disappointed by this movie, to be honest, it didn't touch me as much as other movies about WWII.../, 'Predestination' /a total waste of time...:(/ and 'Fack Ju Gohte' /some jokes were a bit silly, but generally it was a very fresh and funny movie...:)/.

My first movie for 2015 was 'The Judge'. Sadly it was nothing special...:( But let's hope the new year will be a good one for watching movies, reading books, having fun, and, most importantly - spending quality time with the people I love!:)