Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The month of March...:)

March was a very nice and eventful month...:) March 8th /Sunday/ was International Women’s Day and I was totally spoilt by my husband and children – I got a handmade card from the three of them and a photo from Vanyo with a greeting for me /made at his school by a professional photographer/…:) And, of course, we had delicious lunch…:) My dear family made me feel loved and special again…:)

March 12th /Thursday/ was such a wonderful day!:) Three great things happened - my friend Aysel gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, I went to the cinema with my friend Daniela /we saw the new Bulgarian movie 'The Petrov File' I had won two tickets for/ and we had lots of fun together as always...:) And, last, but not least - I found out that my husband is among the seven candidates who had won a job competition for the National Investigation Magistrates Office...:) So yes, looks like we'll be moving to Sofia again...:) The idea doesn't seem that bad now, knowing we'll be together...:)

Minnie and another girl from her school had won a competition about translating the poems of Ovidius from Latin into Bulgarian. This allows them to participate at an international competition, called 'Certamen Ovidianum' in Sulmona, Italy... Unfortunately, just like the previous school year /when my daughter was supposed to participate at the ‘Certamen Horatianum' international competition in Venosa, Italy/, once again it turned out that that Minnie’s school couldn't sponsor the event...:( In order to collect some money for the competition, Minnie’s school organized a charity concert on March 25th /Wednesday/ at the University of Sofia /Minnie’s school is a lyceum towards this University/. It happened on a week day, so I couldn’t go, but Minnie went with my husband and my cousin Plamen /who is an opera singer/ and they told me they had had a wonderful time together…:) My husband had bought a ticket for me too and he had the brilliant idea to phone me during the concert, so that I could listen to it…:) So sweet and thoughtful of him! :) But the most important is that the concert was a success and the school gathered the money for the plane and train tickets...:) And the children are going to Italy! :) So exciting! :) Let's wish them good luck! :)

On March 27th /Friday/ Vanyo went to a 'green school' with his classmates. They stayed for five days at a hotel in Velingrad /a lovely town in the Rhodopes, famous for its mineral springs and spa resorts...:)/. Vanyo came home yesterday and told me he had had lots of fun there with his friends but had also missed his family a lot...:) 

As Vanyo was at the 'green school', I spent the last two days of March in Sofia with my husband, Minnie and Teddy...:) In the evening of March 30th /Monday/ the three of us met my cousin Plamen and his girlfriend at a very nice restaurant, called 'Rubaiyat'...:) The food was delicious and the company - great, so we had a really lovely evening! :)

And yesterday I attended a conference about Child Rights at Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan. The conference was organised by the project ‘Attorneys in Protection of Child Rights’ /just like the seminar I attended in February/ and I was chosen to represent the Plovdiv Lawyers' Bar Association /what an honour, I wonder what I've done to deserve it:)/. It was very interesting there and a lot of important people were present...:)

I saw quite a few movies in March: ‘To Rome with Love’ /nothing special…/, ‘Wuthering Heights’ /great movie!:) And Tom Hardy is simply amazing!:) I feel like re-reading the book now...:)/, ‘Pain & Gain’ /there was some dark humour which I liked, but that was the only good thing about this movie…:(/, ‘Battle of the Year’ /the movie itself was nothing special, but it was great to see Josh Holloway again...:) Still, I prefer him much more as Sawyer in ‘LOST’...:)/, ‘New Year’s Eve’ /I just loved this movie - it was sweet, funny, touching, and fresh!:) And some of the best actors are playing in it!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, ‘Lawless’ /to be honest, the story wasn't very interesting for me, but all the actors were great and Tom Hardy was simply brilliant!:) He really makes even the not-so-positive characters likeable!:) Can't wait to see more of him!:)/, ‘Killing Them Softly’ /a total disappointment…:( The only thing which impressed me, were the final lines of Brad Pitt: 'America's not a country. It's just a business.'.../, ‘Lovelace’ /nothing special…/ and ‘Great Expectations’ /nothing special, either…/.