Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vanyo's 11th Birthday and some other news...:)

May has been a very good month for me and my family so far, knock on wood!:) 
Vanyo celebrated his 11th birthday on May 6th and I still can't believe that he is such a big boy already...:)

His birthday happened on a week day /Wednesday/ but as May 6th is also a public holiday /Day of the Bravery and the Bulgarian Army/, the four of us could get together and celebrate!:) My parents and in-laws came too and we had a great time...:)

May 6th is also Saint George's Day /who is believed to be a protector of shephards and herds/, so we had traditional lunch - fresh salad /tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions and mozzarella, seasoned with some salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and basilico/, roasted lamb with 'drob-sarma' and of course - a cake /it was an ice-cream cake, perfect for the hot May weather:)/. 

Of course, Vanyo got some presents - a new PSP game from his dad and me, a toy from his sister /a plane from the Disney movie 'Planes' with a launcher/ and some money from his grandparents /which would most probably be spent for more PSP games:)/.

The following day Vanyo brought a huge box of chocolates to school as a birthday treat for his classmates and teachers...:)

The days after Vanyo's birthday were very busy but full of positive experiences as well!:)

On May 8th /Thursday/ I got a great job offer by a law firm in Sofia which I accepted... So I'll start working there in the beginning of June...:) I'm so excited!:)

On May 13th /Wednesday/ the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria voted my husband's promotion at the National Examining Magistrate Service...:)

Minnie got 92% /out of 100/ at the Latin exam, organized by the University of Sofia for her profile at school. This result is equal to getting 'excellent' 5.75 at the entrance exam to this University for the following courses: Classical Philology, Modern Greek Philology, Hungarian Philology, Romanian Philology, Portuguese Philology, Armenistics and Caucasology, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Politology, Culturology, Librarian-Informational Studies, Pre-School and Elementary School Pedagogics, Social Pedagogics, Special Pedagogics, Logopedics and Art...:) And it also turns out that the first prize Minnie got at the international competition in Sulmona, Italy, equals to getting 'excellent' 6 at the entrance exam for Classical Philology at the University of Sofia...:)

Vanyo did great at his mature exams!:) He got 'excellent' 6 for all of them!:) The maximum is 20 points and he got 20 points in Bulgarian Language and Literature, 18 points in Maths, 19 points in Man and Society and 20 points in Man and Nature...:) 

Needless to say, my husband and I are both very, very proud of our children and we hope they will continue doing so great at their studies!:) Fingers crossed!:)

Today is one of my most favourite Bulgarian public holidays - Day of the Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture...:) High School Students have their graduation parties scheduled around this holiday and Minnie's graduation party will be tomorrow, May 25th...:) That's why today we invited my parents and in-laws to celebrate Minnie's graduation...:) We had yummy food /fresh salad, roasted lamb, risotto with mushrooms and a delicious blueberry ice-cream cake...:)/, some drinks. and - most importantly - lots of fun remembering stories from the past...:) We had such a great evening!:) 

I saw quite a lot of movies in the past three weeks - 'A Case of You' /nothing special...:(/, 'Age of Uprising: The Legend of Micheal Kohlhaas' /such a disappointment...:(/, 'The Maze Runner' /a very interesting movie, full of mystery, suspense and breath-taking scenes...:) I'm looking forward to the sequels!:)/, 'In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds' /very silly...:(/, 'Easy Virtue' /maybe not as good as I expected, but still fresh and sweet...:)/, 'They Came Together' /it was a bit weird and silly at times, but there were some really funny moments too...:)/, 'In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission' /I was curious to see this movie because it was filmed in Bulgaria but unfortunately it turned out to be just as silly as the previous 'In the Name of the King'.../, 'Love, Rosie' /I just loved this movie - it was beautiful and touching, sad and funny, bitter-sweet like life itself...:) Definitely a movie I would love to see more than once!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, 'Devil's Knot' /it was interesting for me as a lawyer, but heart-breaking and devastating for me as a person... Even though I know it's based on a real story, I find it hard to believe that a human being could torture and kill those three innocent children just like that...:( Such a huge shock for me...:(/, 'Thanks for Sharing' /nothing special...:(/, 'Very Good Girls' /a very sweet and touching movie, I greatly enjoyed it!:) The two young actresses were amazing too!:) I've always loved Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen is so charming that just looking at her made me smile!:)/, 'Easy A' /I just loved this movie - it was fresh, witty, sweet, funny and touching...:) Two thumbs up:)/ and 'Persuasion' /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was beautiful, sweet and touching...:)/.

May also turned out to be a great month for reading - I finished 'Doctor Zhivago' by Boris Pasternak...:) I really liked how the philosophic views of Pasternak were revealed in the book and even though it wasn't an easy read, it was still very, very interesting...:)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring holidays, Easter, Certamen Ovidianum and some other news...:)

April started well…:) After returning from the ‘green school’, Vanyo went to school for one day only /April 1st/ and then his spring holidays started…:) He was off for 12 days, lucky him!:) 

Minnie had short spring holidays this year, because of her graduation /she finishes the second term earlier, on May 14th, and then her exams will start/… She was off for 6 days only /from April 8th until April 14th/…

The Orthodox Easter was on April 12th this year, so we had April 10th - 13th off…:) And we did our best to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!:) 

We celebrated Easter in Karlovo with my in-laws and had yummy traditional food as always /Easter salad, roasted lamb, ‘drob-sarma’, ‘kozunak’/…:) Minnie prepared the ‘kozunak’ herself and it was super delicious…:) As always, the highlight of the Easter holidays was the ‘egg-fight’ which the children adore!:)

We got back to Plovdiv after the Sunday lunch and spent the rest of the holidays at home, just relaxing...:) Unfortunately the days off were over too soon and on April 14th /Tuesday/ we were all back to the routine... 

On April 15th /Wednesday/ Minnie flew to Italy for the Certamen Ovidianum… And on April 18th /Saturday/ she called to inform us that she has received the 1st prize for her translation of Ovidius from Latin into Bulgarian!:) Needless to say, we were all very proud of her for doing so well at the competition!:) Besides the certificate she also got 200 euro!:) Minnie came back on April 20th /Monday/ full of stories and impressions…:) 

I saw sixteen movies in April: ‘The Butler’ /great movie - an interesting and touching story and incredible actors!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, ‘Austenland’ /I just loved this movie - it was fresh, sweet, and funny!:)/, ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ /OK to watch for some entertainment.../, ‘Solomon Kane’ /nothing special...:(/, ‘Passion’ /too weird and confusing for my liking... It was interesting to see Rachel McAdams as a negative character, though... I wonder if I would like the French original 'Love Crime’ more.../, ‘The Counselor’ /total disappointment...:(/, ‘Gravity’ /a waste of time…:(/, ‘The Watch’ /a bit silly, but OK for some entertainment..../, ‘Diana’ /I expected more, to be honest, but still it was interesting to see this movie.../, ‘Ave’ /a Bulgarian movie which sadly was a total disappointment…:(/, ‘American Hustle’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was fast-paced and full of unexpected turns, the story was very interesting and the actors were simply incredible!:)/, ‘Left Behind’ /a total waste of time…:(/, ‘The Immigrant’/even though it was a good movie, it didn't touch me... I felt all the characters distant and I couldn't force myself to care for them...:(/, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ /great movie - beautiful and touching…:) I simply loved its atmosphere and the actors were perfect too...:)/, ‘Blended’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was fresh, sweet, funny and touching...:)/ and ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ /nothing special…/ 

The first May weekend was a long one /three days/ because May 1st /Labour Day/ is a public holiday here… We didn’t do anything special during the long weekend – just relaxed at home…:) Oh, and we finally saw ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’…:) Such an epic ending to the Hobbit trilogy!:) Simply breathtaking!:)