Sunday, September 13, 2015

Minnie's graduation ceremony and exams, a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a penpal meeting, our holidays in Greece and some more summer news...:)

On June 5th /Friday/ we got the results from Minnie’s mature exams…:) It turned out she had received excellent marks for both of them - 5.85 in Bulgarian Language and Literature and 5.91 in English!:) Needless to say, we’re all very, very proud of her!:)

Minnie’s graduation ceremony took place on June 19th /Friday/ at the hall of the University of Sofia /because her school is a lyceum towards that University/. As every school year Minnie had received ‘excellent’ 6 /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all of her 12th grade subjects: Bulgarian Language and Literature, English, Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Bulgarian, History, Culture, World and Personality, Profile /Latin with Italian/ and Sports.:) She had also received ‘excellent’ 6 for her thesis /translation of a part of a book from Italian into Bulgarian/.:) Besides her diploma Minnie also received some certificates, a silver ring with the name of her school on it /such a lovely tradition, isn’t it?!:)/, a book and a tablet…:) It was such an exciting moment for all of us!:) 

On June 23rd  /Tuesday/ my husband started his new job at the National Examining Magistrate Service… He really likes it there and this makes me very happy!:)

On June 29th  /Monday/ Vanyo was invited to the birthday party of his dear friend Neda /she used to be his classmate in Sofia/. Vanyo was very happy to see Neda and two other friends from Sofia and the children had lots of fun together as always…:) My husband and I enjoyed the party very much too because we like Neda’s parents a lot…:)

I saw only three movies in June - ‘The Theory of Everything’ /I just loved it - such a beautiful, touching and inspiring story!:) And Eddie Redmayne was simply amazing and definitely deserved his Oscar!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, ‘Furious Seven’ /great entertainment as always - full of exciting action and breath-taking scenes…:) And the end brought tears in my eyes, it was so touching.../ and ‘Ted’ /there were some funny scenes, but it wasn't as hilarious as I hoped...:(/.

In June I finished reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen…:) It is the third book of my 19th  Century Golden Books Collection... Even though it's not my first /but rather third, if I remember right/ time reading this book, I still greatly enjoyed it!:) Re-reading it was like meeting an old friend - such a sweet and touching feeling...:) 

July was a rather quiet month… Still, there were two super nice events…:) First, on July 22nd /Wednesday/ hubby and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary… Unfortunately we both had to work that day, so we didn’t have any special celebration except a delicious dinner out… Still, it was nice and romantic, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining…:)

The other nice event was the meeting with my Czech pal Sarka on July 30th /Thursday/…:) She came to Sofia for work and we managed to meet for a cup of coffee at her hotel in the evening…:) It was our second meeting actually /the first one was in 2009/ and we had just as much fun as the previous time!:)

Of course, I saw some movies in July…:) Here is the list - ‘The Best of Me’ /a very beautiful and touching story, the end brought tears to my eyes.../, ‘Insurgent’ /the beginning was a bit slow, but then it became just as exciting as 'Divergent'... And needless to say, I'm looking forward to the sequels...:)/, ‘Prometheus’ /there were some tense moments, but luckily it wasn't as scary as I worried it would be... Unfortunately it wasn't anything special, either...:(/, ‘Rise of the Guardians’ /great entertainment for the whole family!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, ‘The Lone Ranger’ /also great entertainment for the whole family:)/, ‘Taken 3’ /lots of action, suspense and breath-taking scenes…:) And incredible Liam Neeson!:)/, ‘Wuthering Heights’ from 2011 /I really wanted to like this movie but I just couldn't force myself to…:( It was too slow, too violent and too far away from the atmosphere and the real spirit of the book...:(/, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ /there were some really silly moments, but the movie as a whole was fresh and funny...:)/, ‘The Age of Adaline’ /I liked the idea of the movie, but it turned out to be too slow and boring... What a disappointment!:(/, ‘Child 44’ /not an easy movie to watch, but very interesting and touching... And Tom Hardy was amazing as always!:) Can't wait to see more of him!:)/ and the mini-series from 2011 ‘Great Expectations’ /it wasn't anything special, but still it was interesting and the actors were great, especially Gillian Anderson.../…:)

July was a good month for reading as I managed to read two books…:) The first one was ‘The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening’ by L.J.Smith…:) To be honest, I was rather disappointed with this book…:( I love the TV series because they are full of excitement and unexpected turns while the book was nothing like that at all…:( Still, it was an easy read, so I've decided to try the sequels as well…:) The second book I read was ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien… Even though I sometimes felt lost and confused in Tolkien's world with all those descriptions of places and families, it was still an incredible adventure...:) 

August was a very nice month…:) First, August 12th /Wednesday/ was my 40th birthday… Unfortunately, according to the Bulgarian tradition, the 40th birthday shouldn’t be celebrated because it is believed to bring lots of bad luck, illnesses and even death… Still, it was great to receive all those greetings from my friends… And as soon as I finished work, we drove to Mirodato, Greece, where we spent 5 fantastic days…:) We stayed at a lovely house, surrounded by olive trees, close to the beach…:) It was so beautiful and relaxing…:) The weather was perfect, the sea water was clean and warm, the beach was quiet and the food was always so delicious…:) It was fantastic!:) I’m dreaming of spending our next holidays in Greece again!:) 

Unfortunately my holidays were over too soon /I had only 11 days off because I’m still new at the Law firm in Sofia/ and on August 24th /Monday/ I got back to work… Luckily I’m not too busy yet, and it was really nice to meet my colleagues again!:)

The end of my holidays also marked the end of the exam period for Minnie…:) She was accepted to study Classical Philology at the University of Sofia and Medicine at the Medical University of Plovdiv but her final decision was to study Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia…:) So yes, looks like we will have a doctor in our family!:) I’m still shocked by her choice, to be honest, but I’ve accepted it in the end and I hope she will be happy with it!:) And the four of us will be together in Sofia again, which is simply great!:)

After signing up at the Medical University of Sofia on August 25th /Tuesday/, Minnie went to Sozopol /a lovely town at the Black Sea Coast/ for a Summer School of Classical Languages and she had lots of fun there...:)

Vanyo didn't waste his time during the summer, either - on August 25th he started his internship at a vet clinic/shop in Karlovo which he had arranged by himself…:) He has totally enjoyed it, so obviously both my children have chosen their own careers already...:)

I saw only one movie in August - ‘The Expendables 3’… Unfortunately it was not as interesting, nor exciting as the previous two movies, but still OK to watch for some mindless entertainment... Plus, a large part of it was filmed in Bulgaria, so it was fun to recognize some familiar sights…:)

August was a great month for reading, though, as I read 5 books…:) The first book was ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov - the third book of my 20th Century Golden Books Collection… Even though I've always been disgusted by paedophilia, I greatly enjoyed the way this book was written - the word games, the irony, the brilliant intelligence of the author... So even if it's not an easy book and I'll probably never re-read it, I'm glad I gave it a try...:) The second book was ‘The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle’ by L.J.Smith… It was just as mediocre as the first book of the series, but still an easy read... The third book I read was ‘The Green Mile’ by Stephen King… It was recommended to me by Minnie and I'm very grateful to her for doing so!:) I've seen the movie a couple of times /and I just *love* it/ but of course reading the book gives a whole new dimension to the story...:) The fourth book was ‘The Lady of the Camellias’ by Alexandre Dumas-fils… It was also the fourth book of my '19th Century Golden Books Collection'… What a beautiful, sad and touching story... I'm super happy that Minnie recommended it to me!:) The fifth /and last/ August book was ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ by Frances Mayes /also recommended to me by Minnie/… It was a very interesting mixture of the author's ideas about history, culture, philosophy, religion, architecture, cuisine and her personal impressions of Italy...:)

September has been a quiet month so far and I hope it will remain this way… But next week the school year will begin, so everything will change then, I'm sure…:)

So far I’ve seen only one movie in September - ‘Persuasion’ from 1995 /I liked it, but not as much as the newer version from 2009/. 

And I’ve read only one book so far this month - ‘Wild Tales’ by the Bulgarian author Nikolay Haytov. It was the fourth book of my 20th Century Golden Books Collection and I greatly enjoyed it…:) It was so beautifully written, so full of wisdom and love of life, just brilliant!:)