Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So far, so good...:)

October has been a quiet month so far… The children are more or less used to their new school/university lives in Sofia and even though they are both super busy, they are enjoying themselves, which is great…:)

Minnie has decided to take up two foreign languages at University instead of just one /what a surprise – not!:)/- English and German. She also studies Latin, of course…:) When her father and I worried that three languages might be too much along with all those tough Medical subjects, she assured us that languages help to ease her mind and relax, so we gave up…:)

Vanyo has decided to join the choir of his new school and he’s been having fun with all those songs in Bulgarian, Russian and English…:) He still attends his swimming lessons every Saturday /one of the reasons we continue spending the weekends in Plovdiv/ and has made quite a progress already…:)

Vanyo has quickly made a bunch of new friends and has already been invited to the birthday party of one of them…:) It was on October 19th /Monday/ and the main attraction was a carting which Vanyo had enjoyed to the fullest…:) He had even managed to achieve the best time in the race /and the second best time for the day:)/, we were really impressed!:) Vanyo’s explanation was that the experience he had gained at the Need for Speed PC game has helped immensely…:) His conclusion was that computer games can be very useful in real life so they are not as bad as people think…:)

In the beginning of October we took Teddy from Karlovo /where she had spent the entire summer as always/ so now our family is whole again…:)

So far I’ve seen only one movie in October: ‘Non-Stop’. It was nothing special, but OK to watch for some entertainment…:)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The beginning of the school year and a long weekend...:)

Yes, September was a quiet month but only until the beginning of the school year…:) That’s when the madness started…:)

Minnie started her education at the Medical University of Sofia on September 14th /Monday/. She enjoys her Medicine studies a lot, but she is super busy with them as you can imagine… 

Vanyo started school on September 15th /Tuesday/. He is in 5th grade now - the first year of Middle School… We signed him up at a very nice school, which is very close to our offices /mine and my husband’s/. Vanyo already made some friends there and doesn’t mind being back to Sofia as long as the whole family is together again…:) He took up a second foreign language now – Russian and he seems to enjoy it, which is good…:)
September 22nd /Tuesday/ was a public holiday – Independence Day. The government gave the Monday off as well /we had to work on one Saturday, September 12th, instead/ so we had a long, 4-day weekend, which was great…:) We spent it at home, in Plovdiv, simply relaxing…:) There was an art fest in one of Plovdiv’s famous neighbourhoods, called ‘Kapana’ /it means ‘the trap’ because all the narrow streets there look the same and you can get lost easily:)/, so we went there one night...:) We enjoyed the bands playing, browsed around the stalls, tried some hand-made chocolates, and finally sat at Da Vinci Gelateria for some coffee and treats while observing a fire show down the street…:) We greatly enjoyed the atmosphere at the fest and we decided we should visit it again…:)

I saw only one movie in September after writing my previous post - ‘Patch Adams’ /what a beautiful and inspiring story, I loved it:)/.