Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Local elections, a Halloween party, Minnie's name day, a business dinner and a birthday party...:)

We had local elections on October 25th and ballotage on November 2nd. The elections were nothing special but they were Minnie’s first time to vote and we were very excited because of that…:) I still can’t believe that my little girl is a grown-up already!:) 

There was a Halloween party at Vanyo’s school on October 28th /Wednesday/. He was a jedi knight and had won the 1st prize for the best artistic performance…:) He was so proud of himself and so excited!:) 

On October 31st /Saturday/ Minnie also started swimming lessons with Vanyo’s trainer… She enjoyed her first lesson a lot so it looks like both children will go swimming from now on, which is great!:)

I saw one more movie by the end of October - ‘Sunshine Cleaning’. I was rather skeptical about this movie, but it turned out to be a nice surprise - it was weird, yet sweet and touching…:) And the actors were great!:)

November has been a quiet month so far… Minnie’s name day was on November 11th /Wednesday/ but as it happened on a week day, we didn’t do anything special, just a nice dinner at home… Minnie got some money from us and from her grandparents for her name day, and she had decided to spend most of it for clothes…:) So we went to the mall for some shopping that evening and it was fun…:)

On November 15th /Sunday/ Minnie attended an international medical conference, hosted by her university. She had made a presentation about Asclepius and had done so well that her professor had congratulated her for her deep research…:) She also got a certificate in English, hopefully the first one of many to come!:)

On November 19th /Thursday/ a client invited a few people from our office /including me/ to a business dinner at a great restaurant, called ‘La Cubanita’. The company was interesting, the atmosphere – very nice, the food and wine - delicious so I had some fun that evening!:)

And on November 21st /Saturday/ my mother-in-law celebrated her 70th birthday. She invited the four of us plus some more relatives to a very nice pub in Karlovo with the most delicious cuisine…:) It was nice meeting everyone and catching up…:)

I read one book in November – ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This book is simply amazing!:) It is weird, wild, devastating, full of strange characters and thoughts, yet very, very beautiful and wise... I loved it!:)