Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vanyo's name day, Minnie's exams, winter holidays and Valentine's Day...:)

January 7th was Vanyo's name day...:) He brought a huge box of chocolates to school as a treat for his classmates and teachers. And we had a special dinner in the evening...:) He got some presents too, of course - a new PSP game from his dad, his sister and me and some money from his grandparents to spend as he wishes...:)

Minnie passed successfully all of her exams for the first semester /Medical Ethics, Cytology, Histology and Embryology/ so she was on holidays from January 22nd until February 14th.:) Vanyo finished his first term on January 29th so he was on holidays then too /until February 7th/.:) Lucky children!:) 

I saw only two movies in January – ‘Kingsman Service’ /one of the best movies I've ever seen...:) It was interesting, full of action, funny and entertaining...:) And Colin Firth is incredible as always!:)/ and ‘The Other Woman’ /It wasn't as good as I expected, but it was still a sweet movie with some really funny moments.../.

The children spent the first week of February in Karlovo where they got totally spoilt by my mother-in-law as always…:) Hubby and I remained in Sofia as we both had to work but we still enjoyed our time as a couple…:) I had more free time that week, so I managed to see the last season of ‘Downton Abbey’.:) I loved it, but I’m also a bit sad that the series are over now… I’m definitely going to miss all those wonderful characters…

We didn’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day, just a nice dinner at home… :) But I greatly enjoyed the food, the wine and the company, so I shouldn’t complain, I guess! :)

So far I’ve seen only two movies in February: ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride’ /to be honest, I expected more, but it was still nice to be a part of Sherlock's adventures...:)/ and ‘Need for Speed’ /it was full of action scenes and car races as expected, but it was also funny and sweet...:) Great entertainment!:)/.

February turned out to be a great month for reading books…:) I finally finished ‘The Charterhouse of Parma’ by Stendhal.
It was the 5th book of my ‘19th Century Golden Books Collection’. I really wanted to like this book, but I simply couldn't... I felt everything in it /the characters, the plot, even the love story and the humour/ so distant and strange... Such a pity... I also read ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ by J.K.Rowling… To be honest, I'm not very fond of books which don't have a storyline, still it was nice to be a part of J.K.Rowling's world once again…:)