Friday, March 11, 2016

Baba Marta, a long weekend and International Women's Day...:)

I saw one more movie and read one more book in February after wrting my previous post. The movie I saw was 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. It wasn't as bad as the book but it wasn't anything special, either... The actors seemed somehow fake and artificial...

The book I read was ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’ by J.K.Rowling.  It was interesting and funny...:) And it was great to see that the Bulgarian quidditch team was mentioned too!:)

We celebrated Baba Marta on March 1st and shortly afterwards there was a 4-day weekend.:) March 3rd is Bulgaria’s national holiday /Liberation Day/ and the government gave March 4th off too /but we will have to work on the next Saturday, March 12th, instead/.:) 

On March 2nd, when the four of us finished work/school, we drove to Sandanski. It’s a beautiful town in South-West Bulgaria, famous for its perfect climate, mineral springs and spa resorts.:) Our hotel was situated right in the middle of the Archaeological Park, a real heaven for all of us who adore history and ancient cultures, and especially for Minnie, who is almost a professional in that field!:)  

We had dinner at the restaurant of the hotel /the meals were huge and yummy/, watched some TV and went to our rooms around midnight.  

The next morning, right after having breakfast at the hotel /delicious French toasts with jam:)/ we headed off for Thessaloniki, Greece, where we spent the day /March 3rd/. Out of the four of us only Minnie has been to Thessaloniki before /a shame, I know!:)/ during her school practice in the 10th grade. But she said they have seen the city in a hurry then and it was much nicer seeing it with us /yes, this child definitely knows how to make us happy:)/.  

Right after finding a parking for our car we went to a nice bakery/cafĂ© for some drinks and snacks to recharge our batteries and then we went to the White Tower. Only the children went inside while hubby and I sat by the sea and enjoyed the perfect, sunny weather…:)

Our next stop was Aristotle’s Square where, of course, we had to touch the toe of Aristotle’s left foot /in order to visit Thessloniki again:)/.  

Then it was time for lunch, so we sat at a lovely restaurant where we had delicious food…:) All of us /except Vanyo, who had a burger/ ordered the specialty of the place /gyros meat/ and it was great!:)

Finally we walked around the streets of the city centre, saw the ruins of Palace of Galerius, visited some shops, etc. All of us loved Thessaloniki, so we are planning to visit it again in the near future…:)

In the evening we drove back to our hotel in Sandanski but we were so full from the Greek delicacies that we decided to skip dinner…:

The following day /March 4th/ we had breakfast /some more of those gorgeous French toasts:)/, checked out of our hotel and visited the Basilica and the Archaeological Museum of Sandanski. 

Then we drove to Rupite – a very special place, situated at the crater of an extinct volcano. It's famous for the medium Vanga who has lived there and for the unique nature.

After Rupite we visited the Rozhen Monastery /the nature there is amazing;:)/.

Our final stop was Melnik. It’s a tiny but very beautiful town, famous for its wine production. We visited one of the museums/vinery there and then went to a lovely folk style restaurant where we had an abundant and delicious lunch by the burning fireplace…:) Among the dishes we ordered there was boar stew /I had never tried boar before/ and I have to say it was gorgeous – it literally melted in my mouth…:)

Finally it was time to go home… We spent the last two days of the long weekend in Plovdiv but we didn’t do anything special, just relaxed… Oh, and we watched the second season of the TV series 'Reign'…:)

On March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Day and I got totally spoiled as always…:) Right after midnight hubby surprised me and Minnie with a beautiful rose for each of us – a red one for me and a white one for Minnie…:) I also got a book /'Emma' by Jane Austen/ and a handmade card from my dear family…:) And all the ladies at the office got some flowers from the male colleagues…:)

So far I’ve seen only one movie in March – 'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials'. I didn't like it as much as the first Maze Runner movie - there was not enough mystery and suspense but too many zombies and gross scenes... But I'm still curious to see the final movie...:)