Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Easter, Vanyo's 12th birthday and some other news...:)

The rest of March /after writing my post here/ was quiet... I saw two more movies - 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2' /I greatly enjoyed the ending of this incredible saga... It wasn't just action and special effects, but thought-provoking and touching as well... Two thumbs up! :)/ and 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' /great entertainment for the whole family... :) Can't wait for the next movie!!!:)/.

I also read one book in March. It was the 5th book of my 20th Century Golden Books Collection - 'The Sound and the Fury' by William Faulkner... It was amazing -  so interesting, touching, wise and unusual that I found it hard to put down...:) It was so deep and overwhelming that I kept thinking about it long after I finished reading it... :) I guess it is one of these books that stay with us for the rest of our lives...

Vanyo was on spring holidays for a week in the beginning of April /April 4th-8th/. Usually he spends these holidays in Karlovo with my in-laws but this year he prefered to stay with us in Sofia... :) He didn't do much, just relaxed at home, read some books, watched TV, played computer games, etc. :)

On April 16th the four of us went to a concert... :) Two groups were playing - a Bulgarian pop group Tonika Domini and the famous Italian group Ricchi e Poveri...:) We enjoyed the concert so much that we decided to visit more concerts in the future...:) Let's hope our busy lives would allow it! :)

There was a celebration at Vanyo's school on April 28th and the choir he is at was performing. :) We couldn't see them because we were busy with our work/studies but there is a video of them on Youtube singing a song in Russian and I think they have done great! :)

I saw two movies in April - 'Yolki' and 'Yolki 2'. These are wonderful Russian comedies also known by the names 'Six Degrees of Celebration' and 'Seven Degrees of Celebration'...:) Our whole family enjoyed them to the fullest! :)

I read one book in April - 'New Moon' by Stephenie Meyer... It was a bit more depressing and slow than the first book, but still a good read... And definitely a class above the movie! :) 

The Orthodox Easter was on May 1st this year so we had 4 days off /April 29th-May 2nd/. We celebrated it in Karlovo as always, enjoying the delicious food /fresh salad, roasted lamb with 'drob-sarma', and homemade 'kozunak'/ and having fun with the 'egg-fight'...:)

Minnie left for Ravda /a lovely resort at the Black Sea coast/ on May 2nd to join a Medical Universities Universiade...:) She was representing the Latin Language team of her university...:) Minnie has met a lot of nice people there and got a positive feedback for her presentation...:) A professor from the Medical University of Plovdiv even invited her to their events so it looks like my daughter will have the chance to get in touch with another medical community, which is great in my opinion! :)

The Universiade lasted for a week, but Minnie left a bit earlier to be at home for Vanyo's 12th birthday...:) We celebrated it in Karlovo together with my parents and in-laws...:) As you know, his birthday is on May 6th, which is a public holiday here /Day of the Bravery and of the Bulgarian Army/. It happened on a Friday this year, so it was a nice three-days weekend! :) It's also Saint George's Day then so we had the traditional roasted lamb with 'drob-sarma', some fresh salad, and, of course - a delicious birthday cake...:) Vanyo got some money from his grandparents and a new phone from his dad, his sister and me...:) He was very, very happy! :)

And on May 9th /the first working day after the long weekend/ Vanyo brought two boxes of chocolates to school as a birthday treat for his classmates and teachers...:)