Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our Easter, a firefighter competition, a lovely long weekend in Velingrad, Vanyo's 13th birthday and some other news...:)

We spent our Easter holidays in Devin – a picturesque little town in the Rhodope mountains, famous for its mineral water. We went there on April 14th /Friday/. We stayed at the panorama apartment /on the top floor/ of a lovely hotel called ‘Mountain Boutique Hotel & SPA’. We had such a relaxing time there!:) The interior of the hotel was very stylish and the food was delicious!:) Besides using the spa centre we also went to some trips – to the famous Samodivsko Praskalo waterfalls and to the dam of Dospat… The nature in this part of the Rhodopes is just amazing! :)

On Easter Sunday the hotel surprised us with ‘kozunak’ and boiled coloured eggs for breakfast… :) It was so sweet and thoughtful of them! :) And we had a special dinner - Easter salad and crostini for starters, roasted lamb with ‘drob sarma’ as a main course and a homemade cake for dessert… Oh, and there was some very special and tasty homemade red wine too!:) 

As soon as we had breakfast on Easter Monday, we checked out of the hotel and drove to Sofia because we had to get back to work/school/uni the following day… On our way we stopped at my parents’ home to pick up Teddy and to enjoy another traditional Easter meal – Easter salad, roasted lamb and an ice cream…:) Yummy!:) 

On April 27th /Thursday/ Vanyo got a bronze medal at the Young Firefighter Competition…:) We were all very proud of him because he had started his preparation only a few weeks before the competition…:)   

The last weekend of April was a long one /3-days/ because May 1st /Monday/ was a public holiday – Labour Day…:) We spent it in Velingrad, at the same hotel we had stayed in September 2016 /‘Lucky Light Boutique Hotel & SPA’/ and once again we greatly enjoyed our time there – the special atmosphere, the delicious food and the 24/7 spa /we love to be the only ones using it at night:)/!:)

Besides the Aeromix on Mondays and Pilates Stretch on Wednesdays, Minnie and I started attending Zumba on Fridays too /with a new instructor, who is even better as she explains the choreography in details/…:) Unfortunately we can’t find enough time to attend all the three activities in the same week, so we mainly go to one of two of them… But it’s still better than nothing, right?!:) 

I saw two more movies in April after writing my previous post here – ‘Chappie’ /a total waste of time:(/ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ /it was great to a part of Harry Potter’s world again:)/. 

I read one more book in April a compilation of two historical books by the Bulgarian author Gentcho Stoev. I liked the first one /'The Price of Gold'/ slightly better than the sequel /'The Return'/ but both were beautifully written and touching... There was something very special for me in the first book too - it mentions an inn /Katzigra han/ which was situated at the same place where I've lived as a child and where my parents live now... Of course it's not an inn anymore but an apartment building...:) 

Vanyo became 13 on May 6th so he is officially a teen now…:) We celebrated his birthday at my parents’ home. It was also St George’s Day so we had the traditional meal – roasted lamb, plus fresh ‘Shopska salad’ /tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions and cheese/ and a delicious cake, made by Minnie /chocolate, with two types of cream and pineapple/…:) Vanyo got some presents, too – a new smartphone from his dad, his sister and me and some money for his grandparents /we have agreed that they will be spent for new gamer headphones&speaker/…:)

On May 11th Minnie and Vanyo received their certificates for participating at the ‘Librarian for a Day’ initiative at the Library of Sofia in the beginning of April.:) They also got some gifts - books and library bags…:) And Vanyo has given an interview for the radio…:) 

On May 28th /Sunday/ Vanyo had his birthday party with his friends…:) It was in Playground in Paradise mall and included bowling and a laser game… The children had lots of fun together…:)  

Here is the list of the movies I’ve seen in May: ‘Ghostbusters’ /not as funny as the original version/, ‘Victor Frankenstein’ /the movie was good but there were some really nasty scenes/, ‘Last Knights’ /nothing special/, ‘Logan’ /it was so sad to see my favourite Wolverine for the last time…/ and ‘A Merry Friggin’ Christmas’ /a waste of time/.  

I’ve read two books in May. The first one was ‘The Colour of Magic’ by Terry Pratchett. Maybe not the best book I've read but it was interesting and fun so I guess I might read some more of the Discworld series in the near future...:)  

The second book was ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was the 8th book of my ‘19th Century Golden Books Collection’. Even though it was interesting and well written, the characters seemed distant and couldn't touch me...